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Not as many reviews written as I would have liked this month, but WOW was there a lot of reading!!!

ARCs Received

An extremely exciting month for ARCs! I’ve already dived into most of these, and my heart is SO FULL of delight with them! Although I admit my jaw dropped EXTRA HARD when I got approved for Doctorow’s Lost Cause – I wasn’t really expecting to make the cut for that one!






I finally sat down and read the entirety of the Penric & Desdemona series (I’d only read the first three or so, way back) which were wonderful from start to finish (obviously: Lois McMaster Bujold is never not wonderful). I devoured Saint of Bright Doors for the second time (and loved it even more this time around!) and was surprised and delighted by Bored Gay Werewolf. Especial standouts were All the Hidden Things – which I think I adored even more than the first book in the series! – and A Matter of Oaths, which blew me away so hard I had to sit down and write actual fanmail to the author!

I also really loved The Thick and the Lean, although I wasn’t completely satisfied with the ending. Gorgeous prose, though.

To the best of my knowledge, 6.25% of this month’s books were by BIPOC authors. Which. Wow. Is really, really bad. I think that might be a new low.


The Saint of Bright Doors is PERFECTION, but otherwise it was a pretty grim month review-wise – I don’t know if I’ve ever had three negative reviews in a row before! Sigh. And there are so many amazing books I’ve read lately that definitely deserve reviewing, but my spoons, where have they gone???


I gave up on a few books this month that have been listed as ‘currently-reading’ on Goodreads for a while now, but that I haven’t actually been reading. And don’t want to keep reading. At least not right now. But none of these actually struck me as objectively bad books, which makes a nice change for DNFs!

ARCs Outstanding




My submitted prompt was accepted by Top Ten Tuesday! It’ll be the TTT prompt for September 5th, and I am DELIGHTED about it!!! I don’t do TTT myself very regularly, especially lately, but I would like to. No promises, though.

I also made a rec list to celebrate International Non-Binary People’s Day, which I was really happy with – and of course, there was the Mid-Year Freak Out tag at the start of the month! That was fun.

Looking Forward

Lots of books to be terribly excited about in August, not least among them T Kingfisher’s newest book Thornhedge, and the third book of the Desi Trinity, aka Phoenix King! And one book whose cover I can’t display here, because it’s not been revealed yet, is Devout: An Anthology of Angels, curated by Quinton Li. Some of my favourite self-pubbed authors are being featured in it, and I already know many of them write exactly the kind of Weird Angels that I love! It’s up for preorder, and you can find it on Goodreads.

Here endeth the month – may August be awesome for all of us!

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