Let the Hanged Man Promo begin!

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The cards have spoken: the Hanged Man is coming. And it’s up to us to spread the word!

If you’re here, then you’re probably already excited for The Hanged Man‘s release in December. You might have heard the consensus that it’s even better than Last Sun, and that probably makes you flaily because how is that possible and also give it to me now, amiright?

Well, now you’ve got somewhere to channel all that grabby-hands energy – the Hanged Man Promo! KD Edwards, Kathy from Pages Below the Vaulted Sky, and little ol’ me are going to be running a TON of epic events as part of the promotion – and you’re invited to all of them! No matter how hardcore a fan you are, how much or how little time you have to commit, or what your energy levels are, we’ve got something for everyone!

The biggest deal, of course, is the Hanged Man street team. That’s for those of you who want to become a part of the story for a little while – because by signing up here, you’ll be joining one of four Courts of the Arcana: the Sun, Justice, the Tower, or Death. As Scions of your chosen Court, you’ll be working with other members of your Court to boost the love for the books; tweeting, reviewing, getting your local library to order copies, even writing love poetry to the characters – everything you can think of counts, and you’ll earn points for all of it! And of course, there are bonuses to being a Scion; you’ll receive exclusive swag like Tarot Sequence stickers, letters from your ruling Arcana, and behind-the-scenes content in exchange for your efforts!

The Convocation of the Travelling Last Sun is another aspect of the street team event we’re excited about, but we really want to make it clear that it’s very, very optional. In this event, two copies of Last Sun would be shipped out to street team members who want to participate – one in the USA, one in Europe. Each participant would mark up the book as they like – draw doodles, underline favourite passages, leave notes to your Court – post pictures to social media, then ship the book to the next participant. The American copy would go around North America, and the European copy would go around Europe. Every participant would have to cover their own shipping fees, so again, this is absolutely not a mandatory event. And just to reiterate, this would be open to the street team exclusively. We’ll discuss it more later and see how many people would like to take part!

Sign up here to join the #ScionsOfAtlantis! Sign-ups will close on November 5th, at which point, emails will go out to everyone involved to give you ideas about what you can do and explain all the details of this event – which will last through to January 2020.

So choose your Court wisely – read Kathy’s post here for quick rundowns on the Sun and Justice Courts, and click over here for info about the Tower and Death!

(That said, don’t be shy about joining Rune and Brand’s Court, or Addam and Quinn’s! The Sun and Justice teams could both use some more Scions – we were expecting everyone to swarm those two, but they’re actually lagging behind a little!)

The street team is far from the only thing going on, though! Tomorrow we’ll announce the details of the #LastSunReadalong, which is open both to fans of the series and people who’ve never read it before! Every week we’ll read four chapters of The Last Sun together, with weekly discussions and questions to be submitted to KD Edwards himself! We’ll go into all the details tomorrow, but make sure to get your hands on a copy of The Last Sun so you can join in!

There will also be giveaways, trivia challenges, posts discussing the worldbuilding of the series, and a fanwork contest to show off your creativity! Fanart, poetry, recipes, photos of your copy of Last Sun in weird and bizarre places – the sky’s the limit, and we have some seriously cool prizes lined up for the winners. More details will be forthcoming on November 2nd.

Are you excited yet? Because we’re pretty freaking excited over here! Remember, sign-ups for the street team are over here, and hey – if YOU have any cool ideas about how to promote Hanged Man, make sure to mention them in your sign-up! Or reach out to Kathy or I, on our blogs or over on twitter. The more the merrier!


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