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WE MIGHT BE GETTING A TAROT SEQUENCE TV SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the series which, if you’ve forgotten, features a queer lead in a society which normalises queerness and group marriage, is fabulously fantastical with so much magic, and revolves around a platonic relationship that makes Steve and Bucky look like distant acquaintances!


I honestly can’t believe it – I’ve had so little faith in spec-fic tv since Sense8 and Travelers were both cancelled/wrapped up. BUT CLEARLY THERE ARE TV EXECS WITH IMPECCABLE TASTE BECAUSE OH MY GODS THEY’RE (thinking about) ADAPTING THE TAROT SEQUENCE!!!

A deal like this doesn’t mean a show is guaranteed, of course – it just means they’re interested, not that it’s a sure thing – but if this actually gets made, it would be groundbreaking. The books are redefining the literary fantasy genre; a show would completely shake up the tv world. In the best way!

Can you even imagine?

Obviously this required a fancast! One which is completely unofficial and unaffiliated with anybody. IT’S JUST ME FLAILING AND BEING VERY HYPER AND EXCITED, M’KAY?


Now that THAT’S established, let’s ooh and ahh over pretty people!

Brand Saint John – Dylan O’Brien

As seen in American Assassin

Brand is Rune’s Companion, a combination of best friend/brother/bodyguard. He’s human, and therefore can’t use magic, but he doesn’t need it because he is a ridiculous bad-ass who could kill you with a paperclip. And since Rune and Brand’s characters and relationship are at the heart of the Tarot Sequence, Brand’s casting would be the joint-most important!

Dylan O’Brien’s been on my keep-an-eye on list since Season 3B of Teen Wolf, when he wowed everyone with his depiction of a possessed-by-Void teenager. American Assassin was an acceptably generic Hollywood action film, but the moment I was reminded of O’Brien’s portrayal of bad-ass assassin Mitch – complete with knife-throwing and head-shots – he struck me as perfect for the face of Brand!

If you didn’t see the movie, or’ve forgotten it, you can get a sense of what I mean from the trailer below!

Lord Tower – Laurence Nicotra

Lord Tower is one of the Arcana, the body that rules New Atlantis. The different seats inspired the human tarot, and the living Arcana are functionally not-so-minor gods. Lord Tower isn’t just immensely powerful; he’s also flourished since the Atlantean and human worlds merged. He’s a very, very dangerous man.

Nicotra is a model from Vienna and will thus certainly not ever be in the real running if the show happens. But he fits my mental image of Lord Tower perfectly, so up he goes!

Matthias Saint Valentine – Dylan Fosket

Matthias, aka Max, is the grandson of Lady Lovers, whose court is destroyed in the opening of The Last Sun. Max himself is a nearly-full-blooded fae who has a strong sense of right and wrong and deep emotional scars; not so oddly, he hero-worships Rune.

Another model, Fosket definitely has the near-white!blond hair described in the books, and personally I think he could definitely pass for almost-full-blooded fae. Don’t you?

Quinn Saint Nicholas – Boudewijn van Daalen

Quinn is…a very special young Scion of House Saint Nicholas; aka, House Justice. He comes across as very scatter-brained and delicate and fey, which I think is a vibe Dutch model van Daalen could nail without much trouble!

Ciaran – Nils Kuiper

Ciaran is…well, he’s Ciaran; unaffiliated with any Arcana or lesser House, but only because none could hold him. He’s a powerful player in New Atlantis’ underworld, with plenty of secrets and abilities that seem to defy the rules of Atlantean magic. He holds his backstory close to his chest, and I can’t wait to learn more about him in future books!

My mind immediately leapt to Instagrammer/model Nils Kuiper when I was trying to translate my mental image of Ciaran into flesh and blood. Kuiper is stunning, with a very magical/otherworldly aura to many of his styles and shoots. I think he’d capture Ciaran beautifully – visually at least; I’ve no idea what his acting skill are like!

Addam Saint Nicholas – Vasiliy Stepanov

Addam is the second son of Lady Justice and Quinn’s older brother – whose disappearance kickstarts the plot of Last Sun when Rune and Brand are tasked with finding him. Addam has a Russian accent when he’s feeling strong emotions, so I let that guide me towards Russian actors – and pretty much immediately found Stepanov, who makes a visually perfect Addam! Just check out this fanvid I found with all the Addam vibes!

(And seriously, google him with long hair. *happy sigh*)

Tell me that is not exactly the look of wonder he’d give Rune???

Rune Saint John – Thomas Dekker

I started this fancast with Brand, and am wrapping it up with Rune, so the two most important characters bracket the whole thing.

Rune is the eponymous Last Sun, the heir of the fallen Sun Court, and the narrator and main character of the series. And where Brand is, at least outwardly, very much an Action Hero, Rune is quieter and more subtle, more openly emotional, someone who still holds on to the responsibilities of his heritage even as he’s denied the privileges meant to come with it. He’s creative, smart, and devoted; fierce and deadly when he needs to be. It would take someone very special to breathe life into him on a screen.

There are a handful of other names I could have put here, but… Dekker is a criminally under-appreciated actor; every role I’ve seen him in, he’s blown me away, even when he was working with a weaker script. He can do emotional and vulnerable; he can do bad-ass; he can do wickedly smart. He’s played roles with magic and with firepower, and he’s one of the only actors I know of who can so casually shrug off the patriarchal programming and present a character who’s lacking in it. He might not be a perfect match, physically, for the Rune in my head, but I truly believe he’d make a good Rune.

I’m going to wish on all the stars that this does eventually reach our screens, and I can’t WAIT to see what Escape Artists does with it!

In the meantime, I’ll just be. Over here. SCREAMING WITH DELIGHT AND FEELS!

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