5 Worlds I Would Run Away To

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Magic portal artwork by Tithi Luadthong

Back in 2021, I made a list of worlds that, much as I love them, I would not run away to.

Seeing as today’s Wyrd & Wonder prompt is Magical Locations, it seems the perfect time to make a list of the worlds that, were I given the chance, I absolutely would.

There are many things to consider, when one is considering what otherworlds one might abscond to: what is the state of women’s rights there? (Don’t want to end up as chattel because people think I’m a girl.) How stable is the political climate? (The Dark Lord definitely needs to be overthrown by the time I get there.) Will my rather limited skillset allow me to establish a decent life in this new realm? (Most fantasy worlds probably don’t care about digital Content Management.)

And most importantly: does it have anything resembling modern plumbing???


If you’re going to run off to another world, Fairyland is a classic, and Catherynne Valente’s Fairyland has all one could ever desire! It is sweet and beautiful and rich with strangeness, and it’s also a world that wants humans to come visit! That’s a massive point in its favour! And I know my mythology and folklore: I’m sure I’d do well there.


A country that venerates learning, questioning, and is built around travelling caravan schools? Where queerplatonic sorceresses-and-bird-shifter couples are…just are??? They exist and they’re respected and they are Life Goals Please??? Even if I can’t learn that magic, that’s a culture I want to be in!


Two words: universal income. Astandalas is well on its way to being a straight-up utopia, and it’s not unfamiliar with the idea of other worlds and the people who come from them! I don’t know exactly how I’d fit in, but with the universal income, I’d be all right until I figured it out.

Terre d’Ange

Listen. Listen. Am I beautiful enough to pass in the Land of Angels? No. BUT. Most people in Terre d’ Ange can’t read without reading aloud. I, on the other hand, rock at reading things silently. I could totally set up as a scribe or something and just enjoy myself living in the most beautiful of mortal lands!

The City

A city of witches that understands disability, that offers healing and support, that accepts that everyone has a different amount to contribute… I would do a lot for a community like that, and if I got to be a part of it I would give it my all.

What worlds would you be willing to run away to? Choose carefully!

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