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I do what I want, and today I want to make two lists of beautiful book covers. M’kay? M’kay.

These are, as the title suggests, books that are not out yet, but that still have incredible covers that ought to be celebrated!

In no particular order, then…

Forging a Nightmare by Patricia A. Jackson
Genres: Fantasy
Representation: Black MC
Published on: 23rd November 2021

Unknown to Humanity, the descendants of Fallen Angels live among us. After millennia of living in anonymity, a serial killer has discovered their secret and has marked them for death. FBI Agent Michael Childs is brought in to investigate a series of grisly murders in New York City. The only link between the victims is they were all born with twelve fingers and twelve toes, known in occult circles as the Nephilim, a forsaken people.

A break in the case leads to Marine Corps sniper Anaba Raines who is listed as killed in action in Syria. Michael finds the hardened soldier alive and well, but no longer Human. After getting too close to the truth, Michael refuses to be an unwitting pawn in a 3000-year old vendetta. With the killers closing in, he is forced to confront his own unique heritage or die. Only Anaba can save his life, but at a terrible cost – her freedom.

This masterful cover art was created by Daniel Kamarudin, and honestly, even if I hadn’t already been sold based on that premise, I would absolutely be grabby hands for this book on the cover alone!

Tangleways (The Trifold Age, #2) by Andrea K. Höst
Genres: Fantasy, Secondary World Fantasy, Queer Protagonists
Representation: Several queer MCs, queernorm world

Book 2 of The Trifold Age.
The extravagant by-product of a sibling feud.

The laboratory of a genius studying gods.

The toy of a wealthy eccentric.

Ned's new school.


Lord Fennington's experimental school, built on the old Tangleways estate, had been set for monumental failure. Folly Fennington's ability to throw an excellent party had convinced few parents to entrust their children to his theories on education...until the Queen herself had endorsed the school by allowing her daughter to attend.

Among the crowds of ambitious students anxious to scrape acquaintance with the royal heir, all Eluned Tenning wants is to keep her head down, work quietly on her portfolio, and support her sister's romance. Not such an easy goal when Eluned's sister is in love with Princess Celestine, her brother is determined to uncover every secret of the estate's chequered past, and the newspapers are full of stories about the Tennings' slightly-vampiric aunt.

When the success of the school is threatened by a spate of petty vandalism, Eluned finds herself at the centre of a complicated web of friendship and rivalry. Wanting to fit in will not keep her safe from jealousy. Kissing. Mystery.

Or a midnight barking.

There’s no release date yet, but I can be patient. Andrea K Höst is a self-published author who is genius enough to get Jullie Dillon to illustrate most of her books, which is, as you can see, a truly excellent call. The cover for Tangleways, the second book in Höst’s Trifold Age series, is definitely one of my favourites!

We All Fall Down by Rose Szabo
Genres: Fantasy, Secondary World Fantasy, Queer Protagonists
Representation: Queer MCs, Queer MCs of colour
Published on: 7th June 2022

The first book in a dark fantasy YA duology by the author of What Big Teeth, about the power and danger of stories and the untold costs of keeping magic alive, perfect for fans of Aiden Thomas and Marie Rutkoski.

In River City, where magic used to thrive and is now fading, the witches who once ruled the city along with their powerful King have become all but obsolete. The city's crumbling government is now controlled primarily by the new university and teaching hospital, which has grown to take over half of the city.

Moving between the decaying Old City and the ruthless New, four young queer people struggle with the daily hazards of life―work, school, dodging ruthless cops and unscrupulous scientists―not realizing that they have been selected to play in an age-old drama that revives the flow of magic through their world. When a mysterious death rocks their fragile peace, the four are brought into each other's orbits as they uncover a deeper magical conspiracy.

Devastating, gorgeous, and utterly unique, We All Fall Down examines the complex network of pain created by power differentials, even between people who love each other―and how it is possible to be queer and turn out just fine.

I fell in love with this cover so fast that I preordered the book before reading the blurb! That should tell you all you need to know about how I feel about it. Artist Corey Brickley is the genius behind the gorgeous illustration, and I would like a print of it for my wall, please!

So This Is Ever After by F.T. Lukens
Genres: Fantasy, Secondary World Fantasy, Queer Protagonists
Representation: M/M
Published on: 29th March 2022

Carry On meets Arthurian legend in this funny, subversive young adult fantasy about what happens after the chosen one wins the kingdom and has to get married to keep it…and to stay alive.

Arek hadn’t thought much about what would happen after he completed the prophecy that said he was destined to save the Kingdom of Ere from its evil ruler. So now that he’s finally managed to (somewhat clumsily) behead the evil king (turns out magical swords yanked from bogs don’t come pre-sharpened), he and his rag-tag group of quest companions are at a bit of a loss for what to do next.

As a temporary safeguard, Arek’s best friend and mage, Matt, convinces him to assume the throne until the true heir can be rescued from her tower. Except that she’s dead. Now Arek is stuck as king, a role that comes with a magical catch: choose a spouse by your eighteenth birthday, or wither away into nothing.

With his eighteenth birthday only three months away, and only Matt in on the secret, Arek embarks on a desperate bid to find a spouse to save his life—starting with his quest companions. But his attempts at wooing his friends go painfully and hilariously wrong…until he discovers that love might have been in front of him all along.

Clearly someone knew a good thing when they saw it, because Sam Schechter was hired to create the cover art for Luken’s previous book – and now for their next book as well! Which, I think you can see why!

A Clash of Steel: A Treasure Island Remix by C.B. Lee
Genres: Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Queer Protagonists
Representation: Chinese cast, sapphic MCs, F/F
Published on: 7th September 2021

Two intrepid girls hunt for a legendary treasure on the deadly high seas in this YA remix of the classic adventure novel Treasure Island.

1826. The sun is setting on the golden age of piracy, and the legendary Dragon Fleet, the scourge of the South China Sea, is no more. Xiang has grown up with stories about the Dragon Fleet and its ruthless leader, a woman known only as the Dragon Queen, all her life. Xiang desperately wants to set sail and explore—mainly to find her father, a presumed dead crew member of the Dragon Fleet. Her only memento of him is a pendant she always wears, a simple but plain piece of gold jewelry.

But the pendant's true nature is revealed when a mysterious girl named Anh steals it, only to return it to Xiang in exchange for her help in decoding the tiny map scroll hidden inside. Rumor has it that the legendary Dragon Queen had one last treasure—the plunder of a thousand ports—hidden away on an island shrouded in mist that only can be seen once in a blue moon.

Xiang is convinced this map could lead to the fabled treasure. Captivated with the thrill of adventure, she joins Anh and her motley crew off in pursuit of the island. But the girls soon find that the sea—and especially those who sail it—are far more dangerous than the legends led them to believe.

The premise is amazing, and personally I think the cover by Feifei Ruan more than lives up to it! This is another I preordered without reading the blurb. Because that right there??? Is honestly all I need to know.

The Beholden by Cassandra Rose Clarke
Genres: Fantasy, Secondary World Fantasy
Representation: Cast of colour
Published on: 18th January 2022

Orphaned as young women, Celestia and Izara De Malena find themselves land rich but destitute, with only a failing rainforest acreage, Celestia’s perfect manners, and Izara’s nascent magic to their aristocratic names. With the last of their money running out, they enact a dangerous plan—using a spell she doesn’t fully understand, Izara summons the Lady of the Seraphine and demands a favor: a husband for Celestia, one rich enough to enable the De Malena sisters to keep their land. But a favor from the river goddess always comes at a cost . . . 

Now, five years later, rumors of war and disease are spreading, Celestia’s husband has been called away on a secret mission for the Emperor, and the Lady of the Seraphine is back to collect her due. Izara will be forced to leave the academy where she has been studying to become a mage; Celestia will be pulled from her now-flourishing farm while newly pregnant with her first child. Together, they must repay their debt to the Lady—embarking on a mission that will put them on a collision course with Celestia’s husband, the Emperor, and a god even more powerful than the Lady of the Seraphine. 

Gorgeous, compelling, and utterly captivating, The Beholden follows Celestia and Izara as they journey from the lush rainforest to a frozen desert on an impossible quest to find a god who doesn’t want to be found and prevent the end of the world.

This book had many things going for it even before I saw the cover; I’ve loved Clarke’s work before, any book published by Erewhon Press automatically goes into my shopping cart, and it has a great premise. But artist Kristina Carroll created an absolutely breathtaking cover to finish it all off, and I genuinely can’t stop staring at it. So beautiful!

Dreams Lie Beneath by Rebecca Ross
Genres: Fantasy
Published on: 2nd November 2021

Perfect for readers of The Hazel Wood and The Night Circus, this lush and layered story about magic and the captivating power of dreams is delivered with acclaimed author Rebecca Ross’s signature exquisite style.

A curse plagues the realm of Azenor—during each new moon, magic flows from the nearby mountain and brings nightmares to life. Only magicians, who serve as territory wardens, stand between people and their worst dreams.

Clementine Madigan is ready to take over as the warden of her small town, but when two magicians challenge her, she is unwittingly drawn into a century-old conflict. She seeks revenge, but as she secretly gets closer to Phelan, one of the handsome young magicians, secrets begin to rise. Clementine must unite with her rival to fight the realm’s curse, which seems to be haunting her every turn.

I don’t know if Dreams Lie Beneath would ever have pinged my radar if I hadn’t been following the cover artist, Annie Stegg Gerard, for years. Gerard is rightly known for her exquisite fantasy paintings, and I have all her books – you can bet I’ll be snatching up this one as well!

And there you have it: 7 more gorgeous covers to covet. Hope you enjoyed!

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