I Can’t Wait For…Dark Moon, Shallow Sea by David R. Slayton

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Can’t-Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted over at Wishful Endings to spotlight and discuss the books we’re excited about but haven’t yet read. Most of the time they’re books that have yet to be released, but not always. It’s based on the Waiting on Wednesday meme, which was originally hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine

This week my Can’t-Wait-For Book is Dark Moon, Shallow Sea by David R. Slayton!

Dark Moon, Shallow Sea (The Gods of Night and Day Series) by David R. Slayton
Genres: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Queer Protagonists
Representation: M/M
Published on: 31st October 2023

Raef wants revenge on the knights who killed his goddess, the moon. Her death darkened the night sky, stopped the tides, and left the shades of the dead without a path to the underworld.

Seeking revenge, Raef breaks into the knights’ temple and opens a box, expecting to find gold and jewels among the bones. Instead, he finds a living man, Kinos, sleeping inside.

Raef steals Kinos.

As they run from the knights and grow closer, Raef thinks he’s found a friend, love, and perhaps a secret that may lead to his goddess’s return. If they can’t solve the mystery of Kinos's imprisonment, the moon will never rise again and the world will drown in ghosts.

Slayton’s Adam Binder series is an interesting, unconventional take on Urban Fantasy – so I’m very interested in seeing what he does with Epic Fantasy!

And I mean, come on. Look at that blurb!!! Seeking revenge for a dead goddess (whose death STOPPED THE TIDES, why does that detail delight me so???), and then SURPRISE!!!!man-in-the-treasure-chest which obviously makes Kinos the treasure, any bets on how long it will take Raef to realise that, THE REAL TREASURE IS THE MYSTERY-MAN WE FOUND ALONG THE WAY and also hi, drowning in ghosts does not sound like my idea of a good time, I think we can all agree it’s best we avoid that, yes??? yes??? Excellent.

I initially couldn’t find out if this was going to be a standalone or not, but I am VERY HAPPY that it is, in fact, the start of a series! (Can we all take a moment to appreciate how epic a series name is ‘The Gods of Day and Night’? MARVELLOUS!) That means things are going to be COMPLICATED, enough for multiple books, and hopefully more pages means we’ll get plenty of worldbuilding because yes, obviously I am excited about that, how are you even surprised, it’s like you don’t even know me!


(For real though I have so many questions about the worldbuilding and backstory, and one of them is ‘So the sun’s a god too, right???’ and another is ‘BUT HOW DO YOU KILL A GODDESS AND ALSO WHY WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING THAT STUPID, YOU STUPID, STUPID KNIGHTS?!’


Suffice to say I am most excited to pounce on this come October!


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    • Sia

      I don’t have an arc yet either – hopefully we both get approved! I’d love to buddy-read this one with you 😀

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