I Can’t Wait For…Render to Silver by Catherine Labadie

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Can’t-Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted over at Wishful Endings to spotlight and discuss the books we’re excited about but haven’t yet read. Most of the time they’re books that have yet to be released, but not always. It’s based on the Waiting on Wednesday meme, which was originally hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine

This week my Can’t-Wait-For Book is Render to Silver by Catharine Labadie!

Render to Silver by Catherine Labadie
Genres: Fantasy, Queer Protagonists
Representation: Bisexual MCs, polyamory
Published on: 17th November 2023

The Founts of Silver are holy women blessed by the favor of their God...or they are cursed vessels meant to be shattered. Given no other choice, Fount Marzanna clawed her way up their ranks until she was able to begin planning her escape with one of her fellow Founts from Aebbenary, the prosperous island ruled by Silver's decadent church.

Instead, the accidental working of a Miracle sets her apart and attracts the notice of the High Priest. He intends to use her to spark a revival in the city, and eventually the world, which has begun to turn away from a religion that rewards greed and ambition as piety. He's not forthcoming with how, and while tensions in the city rise, while two rival houses contemplate war, Marzanna realizes the role she resents with all her heart won't let her walk away without untold sacrifice.

This is a slightly unusual Can’t-Wait-For, because Render to Silver was actually released way back in March – March 1st, in fact, my birthday! But at the time, there was no digital edition, and as I’ve explained before, part of the VERY UNCOOL side-effects of my fibromyalgia (not that there are any cool side-effects, tbh) is that I can’t hold paper books for any length of time any more.

And I was terribly disappointed, because?! HAVE YOU READ THAT BLURB?! Religious politics, miracles, and Labadie has talked about how this is not just queer, but also features polyamory! In fact, there’s a neat little cover graphic she made for the original release–

Basically, ALL THE YES PLEASE???

And proving that Render to Silver isn’t all just great tropes that don’t live up to its promises…you can use the read-sample function on its page on the Big River site to see that Labadie’s prose is lush and gorgeous. Three pages in and I’m swooning at all the delicious description!

So discovering, just an hour ago, that there’s an ebook edition coming after all? And so soon? MY DAY IS MADE! I can’t wait to finally get to dive in to this book I’ve been pining for since Spring!


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