Must-Have Monday #9!

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The Fall publishing season is just spoiling us with goodies, and I don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight waiting for the ones launching tomorrow!

Let’s have a quick overview of a few we’re getting this week!

Must-Have Monday #9!The Library of the Unwritten (A Novel from Hell's Library, #1) by A.J. Hackwith
Representation: Queer Protagonists, wlw or F/F romance
on 1st October 2019
Genres: Fantasy, Queer Protagonists

In the first book in a brilliant new fantasy series, books that aren't finished by their authors reside in the Library of the Unwritten in Hell, and it is up to the Librarian to track down any restless characters who emerge from those unfinished stories.
Many years ago, Claire was named Head Librarian of the Unwritten Wing-- a neutral space in Hell where all the stories unfinished by their authors reside. Her job consists mainly of repairing and organizing books, but also of keeping an eye on restless stories that risk materializing as characters and escaping the library. When a Hero escapes from his book and goes in search of his author, Claire must track and capture him with the help of former muse and current assistant Brevity and nervous demon courier Leto.
But what should have been a simple retrieval goes horrifyingly wrong when the terrifyingly angelic Ramiel attacks them, convinced that they hold the Devil's Bible. The text of the Devil's Bible is a powerful weapon in the power struggle between Heaven and Hell, so it falls to the librarians to find a book with the power to reshape the boundaries between Heaven, Hell....and Earth.

I kind of feel like I sold my soul at the crossroads for the perfect book, and AJ Hackwith was the one to write it. A library of unfinished and unwritten books??? Magic librarians??? A war between heaven and hell??? And a sapphic romance (not mentioned in the blurb, but promised elsewhere)???

If anyone comes looking for me tomorrow, they’re going to get shoes thrown at them until they GO AWAY because I will be READING LIKE MY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.

Must-Have Monday #9!Daughters of Nri (The Return of the Earth Mother, #1) by Reni K Amayo
Representation: PoC
on 1st October 2019
Genres: Fantasy

A gruesome war results in the old gods' departure from earth. The only remnants of their existence lie in two girls. Twins, separated at birth. Goddesses who grow up believing that they are human. Daughters Of Nri explores their epic journey of self-discovery as they embark on a path back to one another.
Strong-willed Naala grows up seeking adventure in her quiet and small village. While the more reserved Sinai resides in the cold and political palace of Nri. Though miles apart, both girls share an indestructible bond: they share the same blood, the same face, and possess the same unspoken magic, thought to have vanished with the lost gods.
The twin girls were separated at birth, a price paid to ensure their survival from Eze Ochichiri, the man who rules the Kingdom of Nri. Both girls are tested in ways that awaken a mystical, formidable power deep within themselves. Eventually, their paths both lead back to the mighty Eze.
But can they defeat the man who brought the gods themselves to their knees?

I don’t know a whole lot more about this one than what’s told us in the intriguing blurb, and what we can see in that gorgeous cover. But I love the concept and I have my fingers tightly crossed that it’s as great a read as it sounds! I mean, goddesses who grow up believing they’re human? I can’t wait to see what Amayo does with that!

Must-Have Monday #9!Crier's War (Crier's War, #1) by Nina Varela
Representation: Queer Protagonists, wlw or F/F romance
on 1st October 2019
Genres: Fantasy, Queer Protagonists

After the War of Kinds ravaged the kingdom of Rabu, the Automae, designed to be the playthings of royals, usurped their owners’ estates and bent the human race to their will.
Now Ayla, a human servant rising in the ranks at the House of the Sovereign, dreams of avenging her family’s death…by killing the sovereign’s daughter, Lady Crier.
Crier was Made to be beautiful, flawless, and to carry on her father’s legacy. But that was before her betrothal to the enigmatic Scyre Kinok, before she discovered her father isn’t the benevolent king she once admired, and most importantly, before she met Ayla.
Now, with growing human unrest across the land, pressures from a foreign queen, and an evil new leader on the rise, Crier and Ayla find there may be only one path to love: war.

I admit I wasn’t originally convinced by this one – it sounded a bit generically YA-dystopia when it was first described to me. But the more I heard the better it sounded, so I’m tentatively hopeful that this one will live up to the hype. I admit to being fascinated by the dynamic of a human girl and a ‘perfected’ Automae falling for each other, and I hope that’s something that’s explored instead of hand-waved. But! Hopeful!Sia is hopeful!

Must-Have Monday #9!Angel Mage by Garth Nix
on 1st October 2019
Genres: Secondary World Fantasy

More than a century has passed since Liliath crept into the empty sarcophagus of Saint Marguerite, fleeing the Fall of Ystara. But she emerges from her magical sleep still beautiful, looking no more than nineteen, and once again renews her single-minded quest to be united with her lover, Palleniel, the archangel of Ystara.
A seemingly impossible quest, but Liliath is one of the greatest practitioners of angelic magic to have ever lived, summoning angels and forcing them to do her bidding.
Liliath knew that most of the inhabitants of Ystara died from the Ash Blood plague or were transformed into beastlings, and she herself led the survivors who fled into neighboring Sarance. Now she learns that angels shun the Ystaran’s descendants. If they are touched by angelic magic, their blood will turn to ash. They are known as Refusers, and can only live the most lowly lives.
But Liliath cares nothing for the descendants of her people, save how they can serve her. It is four young Sarancians who hold her interest: Simeon, a studious doctor-in-training; Henri, a dedicated fortune hunter; Agnez, an adventurous musketeer cadet; and Dorotea, an icon-maker and scholar of angelic magic. They are the key to her quest.
The four feel a strange kinship from the moment they meet, but do not know why, or suspect their importance. All become pawns in Liliath’s grand scheme to fulfill her destiny and be united with the love of her life. No matter the cost to everyone else. . .

Garth Nix is a name to conjure with, but I have to admit I haven’t been a particular fan – I loved so much about the Abhorsen series, but I couldn’t actually manage to enjoy reading it, and I haven’t tried any of Nix’s other books. However, I’m hugely interested in angels (I unpacked a book of angelic magic just last night to give it pride of place on my witchy-books shelf) and the figure Lilith in particular. I know the character here is called Liliath, not Lilith, but it’s close enough to make me take notice, and what with the book being a standalone and having that beautiful a cover, I felt happy taking the risk. We’ll see if it pays off!

Must-Have Monday #9!A Queen of Blood and Glitter by Benjamin Kissell
Representation: Queer Protagonists
on 5th October 2019
Genres: Queer Protagonists, Urban Fantasy

Moon-cold silver eyes, inky black hair that spills over jewel-encrusted costumes and be’ribboned Glamours, and an unforgiving nature – these are the hallmarks of Carterburg’s premiere half-Faerie drag queen, Blodeuwedd the Miss Nomer.
Murder, mayhem, monsters, and mystery all begin spinning out of control when The Phosphorescent – the newest Faerie ‘Court’ in Carterburg’s Fae District – makes a boldly dangerous move in preparation for Samhain. In their wake, new problems unfold for all involved - especially the Court Investigator, Circe.
The chain of events and vengeance that follows gathers speed as it threatens to swallow not only The Phosphorescent, but innocent civilians, Miss Nomer, Circe, and the High Court of Faerie. Before a crown can be lifted, their actions will threaten the very balance of the realms themselves.
What price vengeance? What cost ambition? What toll absolution?
It’s not personal: It’s drag.

Coming a little later this week is this book that sounds like a modern, queer version of War for the Oaks. I’m really hoping it can live up to its premise, because it sounds freakin’ epic!

There’s a couple more cool releases this week – any you guys are looking forward to?

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