State of the Sia

Posted 14th December 2020 by Siavahda in State of the Sia / 4 Comments

It’s been quiet around here, not because I’ve lost interest or gotten distracted, but because my fibromyalgia has flared very badly and I can barely touch a computer. I’ve been on sick leave from work for weeks. A whole lot of not fun!

But I’ve read so many incredible books in this last little while (what else can you do when you’re in pain?) and even started experimenting with audiobooks. I really cannot WAIT to write about my recent reads!

Until next time – which is soon, I hope!

4 responses to “State of the Sia

  1. Salem

    I am glad to see you well! It has been a long while since my tumblr days, so you may not remember me, but I was the one who had started writing the Warlock!Simon fic once upon a time(long dead, sadly). I got on tumblr for today just out of curiosity and saw you hadn’t posted there in a very long while, and I got worried cause COVID. I’m glad you are as well as able

    • HI! 8D I am indeed alive, as you can see, and I’m glad you are too! Tumblr is harder on my hands these days, which is why I’m rarely there. But I hope to be more active there this year!

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